Comprehensive eye tests

At Goga's i Care Optical, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye test every one to three years, depending on your physical condition, risk factors and age.

During a complete eye exam, our experienced Optometrist will check for common eye diseases, and assess your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

The test takes an hour or more, depending on the complexity of tests needed to fully evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes.

What to expect

During the exam

At Goga's i Care Optical, you can expect the following assessment whilst undergoing an eye test:

  • The Optometrist will ask about your full medical history and any vision problems you might be experiencing.
  • Your Optometrist examines your visual acuity to see if you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. You will be asked to read letters on a chart to test your vision.
  • A numbing drop will be inserted into your eyes; then, your eye pressure is measured.
  • To make it easier to examine the inside of your eye, the Optometrist may dilate your pupils with more eye drops. Next, the health of your eyes is checked, using several lights to examine the front and the inside of the eyes.
  • Several different tests may be conducted during the eye examination. The tests are designed to check your vision, and examine the function and appearance of all parts of your eyes.

After the exam

After your eye exam, the optometrist will discuss the results of all the tests. This includes an assessment of your vision, your risk of eye diseases and preventive measures to protect your vision. They will also provide you with a prescription for spectacles or contact lenses if necessary. Finally, we will help you choose spectacles or contact lenses to suit your needs.