We offer a wide selection of frames to suit your budget and eye care needs.


At Gogas i Care optical, we offer a wide range of branded eyewear and budget frames to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on recommending the best spectacles available.

During the consultation, our experienced Optometrist will examine your eyes to check for any vision problems. The type of vision problem you have will determine the type of lens you should be wearing. Our practice offers a wide range of lenses that are tailored to your requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Types of lenses

Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses are the most common type of prescription lens. This lens features a single field of vision, or one prescription power throughout the entire lens. It is usually used to correct farsightedness or nearsightedness. They are generally used by someone who needs spectacles for driving or reading or driving only. Most people who wear spectacles before the age of 40 have single vision lenses.

Bifocal lenses

The lens is split into two sections. The upper part helps with distance vision, while the lower half helps for near vision. They are usually prescribed for people over 40 who can't focus well anymore, or people with presbyopia - an age-related condition that affects your eye's lens. Bifocal lenses allow you to see close and far without needing to change spectacles.

Multifocal lenses

Similar to bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses enable you to have multiple prescriptions built into the lens. Only one pair of spectacles are needed for different uses. These lenses allow you to see from multiple distances, because they have different sections for viewing far away, close up, far, and everything in between.